Our mission is to be the leading resource for information, products, services and philanthropy based on the principles of integrative health & wellness.

We believe that optimal health & wellness are the foundation of a good life. Our portfolio of trusted experts provides information and products that help consumers make confident decisions. We believe in the healthy lifestyle – and the people who desire to live one.

Brand Management

Through our focus on trusted expert advisors, we have developed a strong industry network and other valuable resources to help our companies grow.

Curation & management of digital content & commerce

We provide a scalable foundation platform to curate, manage, and deliver an array of content and services to guide consumers to make relevant decisions for their health & wellness needs.

Licensing & evidence-based product development

Our licensing team brings decades of experience working with our expert advisors to create and develop a diversified global portfolio of brands. We develop a wide spectrum of evidence-based consumer products across multiple categories such as supplements, personal care, food and beverages, and other healthy lifestyle products.

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